Founded in 2017, JobWords addresses the gap in the user experience provided by recruiting software and expectations of tech-savvy candidates. For many years marketing practices and user centric design has advanced for customer facing software (such as ecommerce) but enterprise HR and Talent Acquisition software has become dated and clunky.

Our Mission

To providing delightful experiences for job seekers and employers with better returns on their investment for job ads

Founder - Tim Semple

With over 12 years experience developing recruitment solutions for global enterprises and international governments, Tim Semple, founder of JobWords, recognised that enterprises were investing significantly in employer branding and talent attraction but getting very poor conversion rates - interested job seekers weren't beginning applications.

Having a background in user experience, search engine optimization and online marketing made it frustrating to see the poor results caused by outdated job boards and applicant tracking systems.

Tim's motivation is to offer talent acquisition and recruitment teams the same performance and optimization tools that sales or marketing teams expect

Company Timeline

2017 - Launched initial custom job board integrating Oracle Taleo for early adopters
2018 - Rebranded as JobWords
2018 - Pre-seed investment via Coca-Cola's Xcelerate Program (Australia)
2018 - Non-equity investment from NSW Government (Australia)
2019 - Launched updated platform + integrated with SAP SuccessFactors
2019 - Microsoft sponsored position in Remarkable Disability Tech program - JobMatcher A.I

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