Better applicant experiences

Make a great first impression for your candidates on Oracle's Taleo Careers Sections.

How does Enhanced Branding make Taleo better?

The best candidates are tech savvy and Taleo's standard career section is leaving a very poor first impression. Enhanced Branding overrides Taleo's default layout and styles to go beyond the standard Branding File and Corporate Theme.

Clone your company's branding

We replicate the styles and layout (fonts, colors, buttons, tables and forms) from your corporate or careers website and apply them to the Taleo Career Section

Enhanced styling & usability features

Your website's appearance and branding is combined with the enhanced styling we have added to the Taleo Job Board to create a great applicant experience

Reduce abandoned applications

The result is a more attractive, consistent and usable applicant experience that will result in more completed applications and a higher quality pool of candidates


show_chart See & measure the results
important_devices Modern Standards
mobile_friendly Made for mobile
fingerprint Unique Design

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Stand out from other employers.

With thousands of enterprises using Oracle Taleo it's not enough to just customize the "Corporate Theme" and "Branding File".
Enhanced Branding allows you to stand out from other employers.