Fixing blind spots in the diversity of your talent pool

As a "Talent Attraction" tool, JobWords gets the right job seekers to apply for an employer's jobs.

With an exceptional job search experience on the employers own website our integrated job board is attracting job seekers organically (unpaid traffic) and converting three times more job seekers into applicants than a standard ATS (Oracle Taleo, SuccessFactors).

But attracting more candidates is just the beginning - employers also want a broader, more diverse and inclusive talent pool to select from. You need the right candidates and it's even better if the best candidate also contributes to the diversity of the workforce.

Employers know the benefits of a more inclusive workforce but are struggling to take direct action – there aren't any tools (until now) to benchmark the diversity of their talent pool so employers are missing out on the opportunity to engage really talented candidates.

Introducing JobMatcher A.I.

A new feature of the JobWords platform that enables employers to track the diversity of their talent pool and implement measures to improve the application rates for underrepresented groups.

JobMatcher A.I. tracks the search patterns of job seekers before they enter an employer's Applicant Tracking System to provide insights including segmented diversity data (age, gender, race, disability and neurodiversity).

The most important data (because it cannot be provided by other software in your recruitment pipeline) comes from the candidates that didn't click "apply" - fixing a data blind spot.

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