A Remarkable Evening

For the past 16 weeks the JobWords team has been immersed in one of the worlds best Disability-Tech programs - Remarkable.

With the support of Microsoft and the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Remarkable has provided the perfect environment to extend our Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility feature - JobMatcher A.I.

On Monday night Cheryl Gledhill presented JobMatcher A.I. to an audience of over 200 investors, business leaders, government stakeholders and supporters along with 5 other amazing disability-tech solutions while hundreds more watched the live feed online -

Our mission is to remove the accessibility barriers that exist throughout the entire recruitment process but to do that we first have to address the poor application rates for under represented groups.

Our own data shows that job seekers with a disability are two thirds as likely to apply after reading the job description.

We recognised that large employers are celebrating and promoting diversity and inclusion but struggling to take direct action.

JobMatcher A.I. is a recruitment tool that improves the diversity and accessibility of the talent pool an employer is attracting while providing measurable benchmarks and insights.

Our technology uses A.I. to reduce the barriers (unintentional bias, missing information, poor data tracking) that are preventing organisations from attracting a diverse and inclusive talent pool.

Our talent pool analytics measure improvement over time so employers have the data and tools to meet diversity and inclusion targets while reducing the cost-to-hire.

JobMatcher's technology addresses this problem at scale for enterprise employers not only attracting a more diverse talent but actually filling roles faster - as we know - better accessibility benefits everybody.

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(Photo Credit: Kirsten Delaney Photography)

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