Oracle Taleo Native Mobile App

Dubai Careers App

Dubai Careers App

JobWords helped this national employer provide a great applicant experience and achieve its ambitious hiring targets.

Based on the JobWords recruitment software we developed a, first of it’s kind, Oracle Taleo based native mobile job search application for iOS and Android.


Smart Dubai is a UAE government led initiative whose goal is to transform Dubai, the largest and most populous city in the UAE, into the world’s smartest and happiest city. In order to achieve this ambitious aim, the Dubai Government developed a portal for connecting job seekers of all categories with Dubai government entities.

This portal, Dubai Careers, advertises to both local and foreign applicants for jobs across all public sectors in the Dubai Government.

To manage the hundreds of jobs being advertised at a time Smart Dubai implemented a Taleo Enterprise Edition Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Taleo offers flexibility and robust applicant management tools. However, as a recent Glassdoor Study has found, 45% of applicant use their mobile device to search for jobs daily.

The Smart Dubai portal therefore needed a robust and effective mobile solution.


When the Dubai Government approached us to build a multilingual mobile App to replace Taleo’s standard web based interface we immediately started researching if it was possible.

The JobWords Advertising Software enables us to display jobs on a customer’s responsive websites – see AccorHotels’ career website for an example.

The new project required much more than search and browse positions – job seekers can sign up, build a profile and apply for jobs all within the iOS and Android Apps.

It was soon obvious that this was something never done before with Oracle Taleo – every feature required research and testing from the ground up.

Taleo Enterprise Edition only allows a limited number of requests to the Web Services API and can be slow to respond – our solution uses a range of digital technology to process requests quickly while shielding the API from excessive usage via caching.


The “Dubai Careers” App is currently available on Google Play and iTunes App Stores and listing.

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